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New Life.

Hand-crafted visions of classic art.

I've been sculpting for years, but only recently did I discover that I had the ability to pull a flat image into a 3D world with the creation of ReFlash3D(Pronounced 'Re-Flashed'). To my knowledge and searching this is the first instance of this art form anywhere in the world and so far I've already had the opportunity to create wonderful pieces not only for myself, but other tattoo artist or those who appreciate tattoo art in general.

I am able to make existing tattoo flash into 3D pieces or your custom flash and bring it to life.

To get a quote, head to my commissions page.

Follow the process

@Reflash3D on Instagram is where things start!

I will be uploading pieces and their progress to my dedicated @Reflash3D page on Instagram for your enjoyment! 

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